Al Hassan type testing in Oman

Type testing of low voltage power distribution panels in the Middle East

Al Hassan, founded in 1992 in Oman, is one of the largest manufacturers of low and high voltage switchgear panels in the Gulf countries. The company looks to DEKRA for the type testing of their low voltage power distribution panels according to IEC 61439-1 and -2.

A large challenge for Al Hassan is the timely configuration of its products for use in various countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain. With each country, differences in configuration apply in, for example, ampere ratings of incoming and outgoing circuits, ambient temperature requirements as well as short-circuit levels. In a volatile and highly dynamic market like the Gulf region, timeliness and short time to markets as well as quality are key.
Especially in Oman, where competition in the power distribution and transmission market is high-paced, Al Hassan needs to be able to shift and adapt quickly to changing demands, while keeping safety and quality in the back of their mind.
DEKRA delivered a fast and smooth testing and certification process for Al Hassan and carried out a complete Design Verification according to IEC 61439-2, the international standard for low voltage switchgear.
It included, for example, a temperature rise test, which was performed at ambient temperature of 50 °C, a special request from Middle East end-users. Further tests performed were short circuit, ingress protection (IP) and mechanical impact (IK).
With DEKRA’s Middle East Testing Laboratory in their vicinity and skilled DEKRA experts operating locally, there were no time zone or cultural barriers at any stage of the project. Al Hassan was very satisfied with the speed and quality of the services of DEKRA.

About Al Hassan

Al Hassan Switchgear Manufacturing (AHSG) is headquartered in the vicinity of Oman‘s capital and largest city of Muscat. As the largest manufacturer of switchgear equipment in Oman, the company employs over two hundred people comprising multiple nationalities. At its manufacturing facilities, the company produces a complete range of low and medium voltage switch boards and control and relay panels at customer request. For the Gulf region, Al Hassan is a leading player in the switchgear industry and a significant part of the company’s product range is exported for use in other countries in this Region.