Object to a decision

DEKRA Certification

Below is a description of the procedure if you wish to object to an outcome regarding a certification decision taken by DEKRA Certification, which affects your certification status.

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Our procedures in the event of an objection

We will carefully consider your objection. You will receive a confirmation of delivery, an explanation of the proposed method and the term within which you can expect a response from us. In our response we will inform you about the actions taken and the outcome.
Your objection will be handled by a Certification Manager who has not been involved in your certification process. He/she will review the decision made by DEKRA to determine whether it complies with the accreditation requirements applicable to DEKRA. The outcome of the decision will be communicated to you.

Objection Form

Please note: this form is only intended for objections related to certification decisions made by DEKRA Certification B.V. in Arnhem. Forms submitted will be processed by our Quality Assurance department.
The outcome of DEKRA's handling of the objection can be appealed, see our General Terms and Conditions . You can also appeal to the relevant accrediting or designating body