DEKRA Certification

We measure your geometric, physical and electrical measurement equipment


Certification for your measurement equipment

It is important to always work using information gained from reliable measurements. How else would you know you are measuring what you want to measure? A measurement device can be tested through calibration. DEKRA can take care of this calibration for you. We measure your measurement equipment, so you know for certain whether the measurements you have carried out are correct and that your measurement equipment is functioning properly. 

Calibration involves comparing the measured values of a measurement device with the actual value - measured using a reference measurement device - in order to determine any deviations. You then know whether your measurement device is functioning correctly and whether you can use the data obtained. Calibration is an important part of the management of measurement equipment. This shows you precisely whether the results from your measurement devices are correct since the last calibration. Should there be any deviations, DEKRA can repair and adjust the measurement device. Lastly, DEKRA can provide certification for your measuring equipment.
As an independent knowledge centre, the DEKRA team knows everything about calibration. DEKRA is accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 and is ISO 9001-certified. We ensure the optimal availability and reliability of your measurement equipment. We provide a one-stop shop with the calibration of geometric, physical and electronic measurement devices, including repairs, replacement or new purchases. In short, we provide a total management concept. 

Calibration by DEKRA

DEKRA can carry out the following calibration services:
  • calibration of specific rail equipment such as ATB code relays or field strength meters
  • calibration of multimeters, current clamps, insulation meters, scopes or temperature gauges
  • calibration of pressure sensors, force transducers, (slide) gauges or micrometers
  • repair and adjustment of measurement devices

The advantages of DEKRA

  • experts in asset lifecycle management
  • optimized calibration frequency
  • customized calibration  
  • calibration at your our own location
  • efficient data processing
  • transparency via a customer portal
  • one-stop shop with calibrations of geometric, physical and electronic measurement devices

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