DEKRA People and Bovemij have found each other!


Bovemij helps mobility companies in the Netherlands with their business by offering company insurance, financing products, legal aid and data. Bovemij wanted to outsource the file handling for minor and moderate injuries and called in DEKRA's help. The collaboration became a customized solution in which flexible upscaling and downscaling is key. In this interview with DEKRA People and Bovemij you can read about the success of the collaboration.

From acquaintance to collaboration

“My colleague Mireille Hengeveld proposed a collaboration with Bovemij at the end of 2021,” explains Toine Dekker of DEKRA People. “Bovemij wanted to outsource light and medium-level injury files. This was an understandable and challenging issue, given the current market, developments and the shortage of good personal injury handlers.
“Several discussions later the needs were clear. We agreed on the systems in which we worked, the location, the price and the number of files. We were then able to set up a project team for Bovemij’s file handling.
“The collaboration is a tailor-made solution with flexible up and down scaling at its core. We connect the various divisions of DEKRA Claims Services & DEKRA People to this end, working within our DEKRA Claims Management cluster.
“Training is central at both Bovemij and DEKRA. Within the project team we created places to train personal injury claims handlers, drawing on the help of an experienced personal injury handler. Now the number of files they handle grows every week, through the development and personal growth of these trainee claims handlers. This lets Bovemij outsource growing numbers of files.”

Bovemij viewpoint

“Bovemij has worked closely with DEKRA Automotive for years in determining vehicle damage, and with DEKRA Personenschade for partial assignments and integral treatment. We have also been working with DEKRA People since January. We outsource light and medium injury cases to them if we don’t have the capacity to handle these ourselves.
“A DEKRA project team now handles some of the new light injury cases and the existing medium ones, with a team set up specially for Bovemij. It’s a win-win situation: DEKRA trains personal injury handlers, and Bovemij has a lighter workload.
“DEKRA’s tailor-made solution provided immediate relief for the department. Employing new people also makes things easier, of course, but actually hiring them and getting them working takes time. For us this is a good way of outsourcing part of our work. Because quality is also paramount at DEKRA too, and that’s great!
“The lines are short and we know how to access each other. If we hit a problem, we solve it together. In any new collaboration there’s a need to keep reflecting, to provide feedback and to learn from each other. What’s really good is that with the DEKRA supervisor Petek we have one fixed point of contact, one supervisor and one trainer on the project. Petek is experienced and also handles the transfer files from light to medium injury. This helps both departments.
“The collaboration with DEKRA is characterized by an equal relationship and clear communication. DEKRA invited us to their premises to make the collaboration both personal and successful. There we got to know the project team handlers, and we experienced the working environment.”
And that all means “working together in a way that benefits both parties in the broadest sense of the word,” in the verdicts of both Daisy and Floris of Bovemij.

Supervisor Petek

“We began our cooperation with Bovemij at the start of 2022,” recalls Petek Yilmaz from DEKRA People. “In this project I’m responsible for training and supervising a team of personal injury handlers. I also handle cases involving medium injury myself, and I’m following the professional training course in personal injury.
“I find the combination of handling claims and providing guidance to be ideal. I derive lots of energy and satisfaction from sharing knowledge, and I like contributing to my colleagues’ development. The short lines of communication within DEKRA and Bovemij make for a very pleasant and effective collaboration. Together we have one goal: fair and satisfying claims handling, always keeping the victim as our focus!
“What I like most about my work? Every day is different, every case is different. I perform several functions, and that keeps my work both enjoyable and challenging. I can also keep developing myself thanks to the training opportunities within DEKRA. Career opportunities are diverse, and everything’s negotiable. For me, this is one of the main reasons for working at DEKRA.
“I hope to continue the pleasant cooperation with Bovemij in the future, and also to create this type of collaboration with other parties in our sector,” concludes Petek Yilmaz of DEKRA People.

Would you like to know more about our project solutions?
Are you, like Floris and Daisy, enthusiastic about the project solution? And do you want to know more about outsourcing files? Or do you, like Petek, want to develop yourself further within DEKRA? Please contact Toine Dekker via (06) 20 02 15 10, or via Toine​.Dekker@​dekra​.com​.