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Testing of street lighting

Street lighting ensures that our society can continue to function in the evening and at night. It not only provides sufficient visibility, but also safety for road users. Quality marks play an increasingly important role in street lighting. In tenders, municipalities would do well to ask for quality marks such as ENEC, ENEC+ and Zhaga D4i. A quality mark such as ENEC can also be important for installers, because they want to be sure that they work safely with lighting.

With a quality mark you can distinguish yourself as a manufacturer from your competition and strengthen your market position. DEKRA has broad expertise in lighting. We think along with you about your needs. At DEKRA it is possible to put together your own test program. Our experts are happy to get to work for you. Whatever you encounter, we come up with the right solution.

Demonstrate safety with ENEC

With the ENEC quality mark on street lighting you can be sure that the product is safe. The ENEC quality mark is not specifically intended for lighting, but it's becoming more and more important in the lighting world. There is a lot of demand for ENEC, both within and outside Europe.
ENEC is a type 5 certification. This means that the manufacturer has a product and the place of production examined by an independent accredited laboratory, such as DEKRA. A check is carried out on the products actually produced. The ENEC standard is based on the CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD): EN 60598-1. In addition, ENEC is based on a standard specific to street lighting: 60598-2-3. The production site must meet strict requirements. All checks are performed annually.

Demonstrate performance with ENEC+

ENEC+ relates to lighting performance. The quality mark is therefore a valuable addition to ENEC.
ENEC+ is specifically intended for street lighting. Product can gain this quality mark in addition to the ENEC quality mark. ENEC+ shows that the manufacturer is open to an independent value judgment on the performance of the product. As an independent party, we verify the datasheet with promised performance, which you have drawn up as a manufacturer. Think of light distribution or color temperature. In addition, a 1,000 hour endurance test will take place. The performance of the lighting is assessed after 1,000 hours of operation. This way you can demonstrate how many years your lighting will last.


The Zhaga books are all about the standardization of lighting and lighting components. Standardization means that parts from different manufacturers or products can be used interchangeably without any problems. This makes the product future-proof, because you can replace individual parts and continue to use the rest. Zhaga consists of several 'books', each containing the requirements for a specific product.

Zhaga D4i

Zhaga book 18 is also called Zhaga D4i, or ZD4i. It contains the requirements for sensors in street luminaires. With certification against this standard you show that your lighting and lighting components are interoperable (interchangeable). This way you offer your customers added value. Interchangeable parts offer several advantages:
  • plug and play
  • lower production and development costs
  • Future-proof products
  • faster time to market
  • sustainable use of resources
Zhaga D4i (ZD4i) is a combination of Zhaga and DALI. DALI is the worldwide standard for digital lighting control. With a certificate for this standard, your street lighting therefore complies with both Zhaga book 18 and DALI's D4i standard.

Cybersecurity of street lighting

At DEKRA we test the cyber security of street lighting using the IEC 62443 series and ETSI EN 303 645. More and more street lighting is connected to other devices. For example, via bluetooth, 4G or another radio connection. This makes them more vulnerable to hackers.
To make devices more cyber secure, the European Commission added the RED Delegated Act to the existing CE directive. This law applies from August 2025.
Fortunately, connected lighting also offers many advantages. They can be controlled and monitored remotely. This allows municipalities to save time, money and electricity, which contributes to achieving their sustainability goals. Strong cybersecurity protects your customer against misuse of your products.

Global Market Access for your street lighting

DEKRA helps you to open all doors for your street lighting to the markets you want to enter within and outside Europe. We are able to do this through the extensive knowledge of our experts and our worldwide network of test laboratories and offices. Wherever you want to go, we can ensure that your street lighting has the right quality marks and certificates. Are you missing a service or test? Ask us, we are happy to think along with you.

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