DEKRA and Switch work together across global test sites in order to extend testing and certification of EV charging software and hardware components

DEKRA integrates Switch platform to expand testing and certification services for EV charging products

Aug 22, 2023

DEKRA Certification B.V. has integrated the Switch platform to offer comprehensive testing of the entire charging ecosystem across the DEKRA test sites at Arnhem, The Netherlands and Concord, California (USA). The cooperation enables testing scenarios for electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations (EVSEs), including comprehensive and new functionalities such as Plug & Charge and bi-directional power flow.

Switch offers the only OCPP 2.0.1 certified solutions for EV charging infrastructure worldwide that support ISO 15118-powered Plug & Charge. “The Switch system provides a unique solution as it allows us to extend our current testing set-up all the way from the car to the charger and the backend with API connections. With the upcoming OCPP 2.1, we are aiming to extend our testbed further to include use cases such as power grid and smart building integration and bi-directional power transfer,” explained Bram Holtus, Managing Director of DEKRA Certification B.V.
To date, the communication flow between an EV, a charging station and the backend could not be comprehensively evaluated due to a lack of data-driven insights. But comprehensive testing has become even more crucial as there is a growing number of EV charging modes and plug types available in the market. It is essential for EVs and EVSEs to undergo rigorous testing conditions using highly automated technology to ensure safe and reliable charging. "Switch's technology offers an integrated process that encompasses all relevant aspects, eliminating the requirement for additional extensive and complex test setups", says Holtus.
“Our system is able to offer in-depth diagnostics of each charger component and analysis of the protocol-based ‘conversation’ between the EV and charger,” explains Marc Mültin, CEO & Founder of Switch. “Switch is therefore able to facilitate comprehensive end-to-end testing, particularly for Plug & Charge. This level of testing and analysis has not been possible before, and represents a significant advancement for the industry. It is a truly unique set-up, and we are excited to collaborate with DEKRA.”
DEKRA is a global leader and one of the most recognisable test laboratories for several scenarios. These scenarios include system testing of EVs and EVSEs based on OCCP, ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121 standards. Additionally, DEKRA conducts tests for communication between backends and EVSEs, utilising the OCPP 1.6 and OCPP 2.0.1 protocols. With the collaboration with Switch, DEKRA's test labs are now fully prepared for the planned ISO 15118 and Plug & Charge certification.
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